My car has a problem what should I do?

If the vehicle shows signs of an imminent failure, DO NOT continue to use it. Providing that this is not the case please take your vehicle to any VAT registered garage and authorise them on your behalf to carry out diagnostics of the fault. When the garage has fully diagnosed the fault with your vehicle, but before they carry out any repairs, they must call Autoguard on +44 3432 271 499 and advise us of what the fault is and what the cost of the repair is likely to be.

Please refer to your Autoguard warranty contract to find your claim limit and labour hourly rate cap as this may influence your choice of garage. If your claim is successful you will still be liable for any costs that exceed the claims limit or labour hourly rate.

If you don't have your contract with you please call Autoguard on +44 3432 271 499 and have your vehicle registration number.