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Please refer to your Autoguard handbook for full details on the repairs process. No repairs should be completed without prior authority being obtained from Autoguard Warranties Ltd.

Your Autoguard Warranties repair team are available Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm (excluding Bank Holidays) & Saturdays 9am-12pm.

In the event of a fault occurring on your vehicle, Autoguard Warranties Ltd have national accounts with 1Link Allstar Business Solutions and habitation repair specialist Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS).

Please note: Autoguard does not recommend or otherwise endorse one repairer over another. We have national accounts with the companies listed below which allows access to discounts listed, should you decide to use them.

Please see below for just some of the extra benefits you gain from being an Autoguard customer.


Suitable for general repairs for cars & light commercial vehicles.

  • Hundreds of national repairers.
  • Simple online booking system.
  • All repairers working with us have accounts with us, meaning we can pay any valid repair requests directly to the repairer.

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Habitation repair specialists for Motorhomes & Caravans 

Use their handy website search to find your local approved workshop or to check whether your chosen workshop is a current member.

  • Over 500 fixed and mobile Approved Workshops across the UK.
  • All workshops have passed an annual inspection by a team of independent assessors and comply with the Scheme's rigorous standards.
  • Approved Workshops are run by fully qualified caravan and motorhome servicing professionals.
  • Backed by the NCCThe Caravan and Motorhome ClubThe Camping and Caravanning Club and all major tourer and motorhome manufacturers.

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