What do our dealers really think?

We ran a poll on Instagram, do you agree with the winning results?

What do our dealers really think?

  • 15 Jan 2021

We recently ran a poll on our Instagram, to find out how our dealers think. 

In summary, our dealers are personal people, by preferring to speak with their customers face to face, or if not able to, over the phone. They prefer to use Instagram and favour black cars over the white. They are busier in the mornings and prefer to close deals on weekdays. Many of our dealers prefer to sell vans over heavy goods vehicles (this may be because HGV is a very niche market) and cars over motorcycles. 

It was a close call but just over half chose Del Boy to work for them over Phil Mitchell. Finally, it was pretty unanimous, our dealers chose James Bond’s Aston Martin V12 over Marty McFly’s DeLorean. 

Check out the results below: