Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here, or that we are asked when we are out and about. If you have a specific query please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

New dealer

Please fill out the Enquiry form on this website. Alternatively, please call our head office on +44 3432 271 499 or you can email us on

Existing dealer

Please contact your Autoguard Sales Representative for all requests for additional handbooks and other sales literature. Alternatively, please call our head office on +44 3432 271 499 or you can email us on

Cover for work vehicle

If you are self-employed and you use your vehicle for work purposes then there is a good chance that any expenditure on purchasing a used vehicle extended warranty or GAP product can deducted against your earnings. Please ask your accountant for more details.

Cover for private vehicle

If the vehicle shows signs of an imminent failure, DO NOT continue to use it. Providing that this is not the case please take your vehicle to any VAT registered garage and authorise them on your behalf to carry out diagnostics of the fault. When the garage has fully diagnosed the fault with your vehicle, but before they carry out any repairs, they must call Autoguard on +44 3432 271 499 and advise us of what the fault is and what the cost of the repair is likely to be.

Please refer to your Autoguard warranty contract to find your claim limit and labour hourly rate cap as this may influence your choice of garage. If your claim is successful you will still be liable for any costs that exceed the claims limit or labour hourly rate.

If you don't have your contract with you please call Autoguard on +44 3432 271 499 and have your vehicle registration number.

No. It is essential that the claim has been approved by Autoguard Warranties BEFORE any repairs have been carried out. However, we will of course consider emergency repairs if needed.

For you to be reimbursed you need to send Autoguard Warranties the following paperwork within 30 days of the claim being approved:

  • Signed claim form (that the garage should give you to sign)
  • Correctly detailed VAT invoice
  • Proof of payment (that you made to the garage)

The exception to this requirement is if a Halfords Autocentre has repaired your car. In this situation, you don't need to send Autoguard Warranties any documentation.

Once Autoguard Warranties has received ALL the fully completed claim-related paperwork, we will transfer payment to your designated bank account within 14 days.

Our office is open Saturdays 9am - 12pm. We are closed at on bank holidays but you are still able to notify us of a pending claim via our website or leave a message by calling +44 3432 271 499. Please note that you are still able to take your vehicle to any VAT registered garage during this time to begin the process of fault diagnoses under your own authority.

Your guarantee handbook will explain what is and what is not covered by the guarantee you have taken out. If you cannot find your guarantee handbook either download the handbook PDF from the Autoguard website or call us on +44 3432 271 499 and request a handbook to be sent to you.

Most car repair centres and garages have an hourly labour rate that they will charge the customer. Your guarantee contract will specify a maximum hourly rate that it will pay for a repair centre or garage to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

You can take your vehicle to ANY VAT registered garage or repair centre. In the event of a fault occurring on your vehicle, Autoguard Warranties Ltd have national accounts with All Star Business Solutions (1Link) (UK Mainland Only) and habitation repair specialist Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS)You are not required to use them as part of the contract, we will work with any VAT registered repairer.

To make a claim you will need a contract number. This number would normally be found at the top of a sheet of A4 paper you would have received along with the guarantee handbook. If you don't have this document then call us on +44 3432 271 499 and have your vehicle registration number.

If your service contract comes with Roadside Assistance then generally Call Assist can recover your vehicle and take it to a garage or repair centre. Please refer to your service contract handbook and A4 paper contract to confirm that your vehicle can be recovered from its current location.

Providing you have taken your vehicle to a VAT registered garage or repair center then Autoguard Warranties will, ON AN APPROVED CLAIM ONLY, pay towards diagnosing the failure. This will be on a commensurate basis dependent on the nature of failure and level of diagnostics required. This will be up to the maximum allowance of your particular Guarantee.* Please refer to your Guarantee A4 document and policy booklet. 

Cover for fleet vehicles

In short, no we don't. You are free to take your HGV to any repair centre in the UK including your own repair centre if you have one.

Cover for private vehicles

Please contact the claims team on +44 3432 271 499 as soon as you can and have a pen and paper to hand.

How do I keep my warranty valid?

Step 1 - Service History

If your vehicle does not come with a valid service then you must have a service completed within the first 12 months of cover, or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Failure to do so will lead to your cover becoming invalid. If your vehicle already comes with valid servicing at the time of sale then you need to ensure that you then keep it maintained within manufacturers intervals for time or mileage, whichever is first. Please see your handbook for full details of minimum service requirements. Your booklet also includes a page for the garage to log your service.

Step 2 - Keep us updated

Please ensure that if any of your details change, for example address, contact details or vehicle registration you make us aware. This ensures that any important correspondence that we may send will reach you.

Step 3 - Pre-repair contact

In the event of a claim it is extremely important that you contact us prior to any repairs being carried out. Any repairs that are completed without us being contacted will be rejected.

Step 4 - Renewable customers

If you have been issued with a renewable contract, for as long as you own the vehicle please ensure that after the first 3 years of cover you send us copies of your MOT, service history and V5 document in order for us to renew your cover. If documents are not received on time, or are invalid then your cover will expire.