Bournemouth Hospital Charity Summer Raffle

We take a moment away from the automobile industry and look at giving back.

Bournemouth Hospital Charity Summer Raffle

  • 17 Sep 2018

Who are Bournemouth Hospital Charity?


Bournemouth Hospital Charity lead the drive to help fund and supply state-of-the-art new equipment to hospitals, amongst also providing resources for staff and even going beyond what the NHS can provide.

They do a wide-breadth of different things to achieve this, from holding raffles to swimming the English Channel.

They are a true inspiration and deserve all of the praise and support they can get.



Where Autoguard came in.


We recently donated the top prize, a signed AFC Bournemouth shirt, to their most recent Summer Raffle. They managed to hit £1,717 in total for the entire raffle and we are proud that we could be a part of it!

This money will go towards an MRI scanner appeal. They had a target of £300,000 which they had started earlier this year. So far, they have done an amazing job and only need £28,578 to hit their target!



To show your support you can find them in the following places:







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