Answering Your Private Vehicle Cover Questions

We’ve answered some of your most asked questions here.

Answering Your Private Vehicle Cover Questions

  • 22 Feb 2022


You’ve bought your brand-new used car from an Autoguard Approved Dealer and you’re ready to hit the road. With an Autoguard warranty, you’ve passed the risk of your vehicle suddenly or unexpectedly suffering a mechanical or electrical failure to a covered component onto us.

While all the information you will need is situated in your policy booklet, we’ve answered some of your most asked questions here.


My car has a problem, what should I do?

If your vehicle shows signs of imminent failure, DO NOT continue to drive it. If this is not the case, take your car to any VAT registered garage and authorise them on your behalf to carry out a diagnostic on the fault. When the garage has fully diagnosed the fault, but BEFORE they carry out any repairs, they must call us on 03432 271 499 to advise us on what the fault is and what the cost of the repair is likely to be.


Can my car be fixed then send you the bill?

No. It is crucial that the claim has been approved by us BEFORE any repairs have been carried out. We will, however, consider emergency repairs if needed.


Once my claim has been approved and the repairs made, what paperwork do I need to send in?

For you to be reimbursed, you need to send Autoguard Warranties the following paperwork within 30 days of the claim being approved:

- Signed claim form (that the garage should give you to sign)

- Correctly detailed VAT invoice

- Proof of payment (that you made to the garage)

If a Halfords Autocentre has made the repairs, you do not been to send any documentation.


When will I get paid?

Once we have received all the fully completed paperwork, we will transfer payment to your designated bank account within 14 days.


Can I make a claim on a weekend or bank holiday?

Our offices are open Saturdays 9am-12pm however we are not open bank holidays. You are still able to notify us of a pending claim via our website or leave us a message on 03432 271 499. You may also take your vehicle to a VAT registered garage during this time to begin the process of fault diagnoses under your own authority.


What does my warranty cover?

Your guaranteed handbook explains what is and what is not covered. You can download the handbook PDF on our website if your hard copy is lost.


What does ‘labour cap’ mean?

Most car repair centres and garages have an hourly labour rate that they will charge the customer. Your guarantee contract specifies the maximum hourly rate that it will pay for the repair centre to diagnose and repair your vehicle.


If you have a specific query that hasn’t been answered here, you can find the full list of frequently asked questions on our website, or do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.