Commercial vehicle operators should review warranties

  • 24 Aug 2016

Operators are being urged to better protect their HGVs using extended warranties, with Fleetband Warranty Services making the point that trucks and trailers represent their lifeblood.

According to Robert Dockerill, CEO of Fleetband (pictured), many OEMs offer just one-year warranty as standard. As soon as a vehicle falls out of the main dealer environment, it is forgotten, he says.

“What no business wants is to be faced with a double-whammy hit, caused by lack of warranty cover,” insists Dockerill.

“If a business is relying on shipping goods up and down the M4 every day and a vehicle suffers a significant failure, resulting in it being off the road, then the business faces a potential loss of revenue and possible contractual costs for delivery failure,” he continues.

“Furthermore, the business may have to find the money to cover the parts and labour, required to fix the problem. That’s a horrible position to be in.”

Dockerill also asserts that any operator buying used commercial vehicles get little or no warranty cover.

“We believe that everyone in this market should be looking at how they can get the level of warranty cover they require,” he insists.

Fleetband Warranty Services was acquired by Autoguard Warranties earlier this year, after the firm received numerous requests from commercial vehicle dealers wanting warranty programmes for trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

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