Financial & Legal Insurance and Autoguard Warranties: A Global Partnership for Peace of Mind

Financial & Legal Insurance and Autoguard Warranties: A Global Partnership for Peace of Mind

  • 8 Jan 2024

Financial & Legal Insurance has an established history, dating back to their establishment in 1995. Today, Financial & Legal is a wholly UK based Insurer, regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial & Legal provide specialised insurance solutions and access a wide range of markets on behalf of its clients.

As the chosen partner to manufacturers, dealer groups, franchised and independent dealers worldwide, we have positioned ourselves as a key player in the motor warranty industry. In 2022, we demonstrated our commitment to customer satisfaction by paying out over £6.6 million in repair requests. Operating in over thirty countries, Autoguard has built a global reputation by partnering with top brands like Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, and Harley Davidson.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Autoguard Warranties operates from three offices located in Surrey, England, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Dubai, MEA. Its global reach and commitment to excellence in warranty services have made it a trusted partner to motor dealers worldwide.

The partnership between Financial & Legal Insurance and Autoguard Warranties represents a significant step towards providing customers with the peace of mind they deserve. This collaboration brings together two compliance-centric businesses, each with a strong focus on delivering exceptional service and unmatched protection.

As a global partner to motor dealers worldwide, Autoguard Warranties has joined forces with Financial & Legal to offer a comprehensive range of Motor Breakdown Insurance (MBI) products. This partnership means that customers can access warranty and insurance products, backed by the expertise and financial stability that comes the most comprehensive financial protection, enabling your clients to pursue claims without the risk of any financial loss.

The partnership between Financial & Legal Insurance and Autoguard Warranties signifies a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers in the motor industry. With a shared focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and global excellence, this partnership ensures that vehicle owners receive nothing but the best in warranty and insurance services.

Our transition over to Financial & Legal is testament to the power of partnerships in the insurance industry. As we join forces to provide a global level of service for MBI products, our customers can rest assured that their vehicles are protected by the best in the business. This partnership is a true example of dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative solutions, and global excellence in the world of motor warranties and insurance.

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