Independent used car dealers up their game

Independent used car dealers up their game

  • 9 Aug 2016

Independent used car dealers are increasingly turning to warranties, to compete with franchised dealers when selling premium vehicles, that’s according to the boss of Camberley based warranty firm Autoguard.

Robert Dockerill, CEO of Autoguard Warranties who claims to have had a 34% increase in enquiries from independent dealers says, “Increasingly dealers are competing head on with the franchised dealer sector at the top end of the market. By offering potential buyers, premium quality warranties that cater for higher labour rates and diagnostics, dealers can compete on a level playing field with franchised dealers.

“Many premium car buyers assume that franchised dealers have the best facilities and manufacturer-original parts compared with independents. Independent dealers are fighting back with added-value warranties, that have built-in roadside assistance and manufacturer level cover. We have been creating more and more tailored warranty products for dealers who want to compete with top-end franchised dealers.

One independent dealer who has been in just this position is Samuel Evans of Sidcup, Kent based used car specialist, Beck Evans who says, “We were keen to put together a warranty package for a three-and-a-half-year-old Porsche we were selling. Our customer was considering buying a similar vehicle from the franchised Porsche dealer nearby and the deal came down to the warranty. Autoguard Warranties designed a product that was comparable with the manufacturer warranty, with built-in cover

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