Tony McKillop, Regional Office & Claims Manager for Autoguard Warranties appointed in the IMI Diversity Task Force

  • 22 Apr 2022


“Diverse workforces are more effective, more creative and lead to greater profitability. Yet, currently, the UK automotive sector is not diverse, contributing to the critical skills crisis.”- IMI.

The IMI Diversity Task Force was established in 2021 to understand the challenges and barriers under-represented groups face when working in, or trying to enter the automotive industry.

Our Regional Office & Claims Manager, Tony McKillop has been appointed a member of the IMI Diversity Task Force as a Subject Matter Expert in Physical and Non-Visible Disabilities Working Group, where he has dedicated significant time and resource to supporting the Task Force’s goals.


The Task Force’s Objectives are as follows:

Establishing the size of the issue of the lack of diversity within the automotive sector.

Broadening the diversity discussion beyond the focus on gender.

Understanding the barriers faced by individuals in certain groups in society.

Clearly demonstrate the economic benefits of a diverse workforce.

Understanding young people’s perception of the automotive sector.

To draw up actions that will make a difference.


Tony has worked in the automotive industry for many years, and his credits includes being awarded a Master’s degree in Automotive Retail Management from Loughborough University.

He previously worked for manufacturers and franchise dealerships, specialising in the aftersales department. Tony also has experience in business development roles within franchise dealerships with many years spent in construction and commercial business.

Tony featured within the task force as an individual case study to offer insight to enable others to understand what it is like working in the automotive sector.

“I have never been treated differently to colleagues. I have always taken the approach of ‘let’s see what I can do and I’ll advise you if I can’t, or I’ll make an adjustment if I can’t.’ I am always the first person to reassess things if I can’t do something.

 You have to be very open and forward thinking and I’ve been lucky to have had good managers when I was younger. I now appreciate people telling me if they struggle with something so they can make an adjustment. Nowadays the standard equipment means I don’t need as many adjustments and I don’t look out of place with a 22-inch monitor as everyone has them. Simple things such as a slightly bigger desk and a £20 bracket can make a big difference for me.

I was almost used as a benchmark for good practice for everyone, especially with Health and Safety. If things were safe for me and worked for me then they should be ok for those fully sighted!” – Tony McKillop.


To read Tony’s full case study click here.

To read the full IMI Diversity Task Force Report March 2022 click here.

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