Top Six Digital Car Retailing Trends to Watch in 2022

  • 9 Aug 2022


From continual lockdowns to the fuel shortages back in September, automotive retailers have made necessary digital advances to not only to be successful, but for survival.

As the UK automotive ecommerce continues to grow, leading solutions provider, Automotive Transformation Group has released their predictions for the top six digital trends to look out for retailing cars.


Offering a complete end-to-end purchasing journey

Car retailers have embraced the ability to offer customers some digital elements in the purchasing journey such as car reservations, Click & Collect and home delivery. However, dealers should be offering a full end-to-end journey allowing customer the ability to buy a car in minutes from the comfort of their own home. This can include online options such as finance applications and warranty purchases.


Harnessing the power of a truly omnichannel car buying journey

It is no longer sufficient to just own a website displaying your stock and latest car offers. Using your customer’s data, preferences and configured car choices across multiple channels can save time for yourself and your customers and help the buyer along the purchasing journey with the least amount of hassle.


Allowing customers to pay with differing payment methods

Automotive Transformation Group saw a double digit rise in customers using Apple Pay to purchase online. Offering multiple online options such as PayPal and Apple Pay will ensure customers feel safe moving large sums of money.


Transitioning sales personnel to becoming product experts and virtual hosts

Modern car buyers, now more than ever, are so well informed having done significant research prior to visiting a showroom. Sales teams should approach customers to ‘guide’ them rather than ‘sell’ to them.


Automated online video

Video is becoming crucial as a part of online retailing, especially if you’re looking to expand your purchasing audience. Adding videos to your website will boost SEO driving more traffic towards your store front. Social media is moving from static images to video. With TikTok having 17 million user and Instagram favouriting Reels, video is more essential than ever to get potential buyers to see your business.

Live Chat for critical journey touch points

Being able to drop personalised links into a live chat can serve as a prompt and guidance though the key stages of an online purchase. Using a live chat platform will make you on hand to answer any questions a customer will have about their potential purchase and will support closing the sale.

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